Resep Kidu-Kidu Sosis Batak Karo Saus Gota (Grilled Pig Intestine Casing Sausage with Spicy Blood Sauce)
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  • 6-8 slices if you come earlier for lunch because kidu-kidu usually made only limited portion. Kidu-kidu sausage got a savoury and smokey flavour with bursting spicy and numbning sensation from the andaliman pepper, DAMN DELICIOUS!!!
  • 5 minutes Kidu-Kidu Pork Intestine Casing Sausage
  • 800 gr daging (babi pork butt meat)
  • 200 gr lemak punggung babi (pork back fat)
  • 2-3 m usus babi, bersihkan bagian dalam dan luar
  • bagian
  • 2-3 m sausage casing pig small intestine, cleaning inside out
  • es
  • 1 cup garam untuk membersihkan usus babi (salt for cleaning the pig intestine)
  • garam
  • 5 gr lada hitam bubuk (freshly ground blackpeppercorn)
  • 10 gr gula merah (brown/palm sugar)
  • 5 gr bumbu kari (Homemade Garam Masala Powder)
  • 1 cup daun bawang cincang (finely chopped spring onion )
  • 100 gr bawang merah cincang (finely chopped red shallots)
  • 30 gr bawang putih cincang (finely chopped cloves garlic)
  • 5 gr lengkuas cincang (finely chopped galangal)
  • 10 gr ketumbar sangrai bubuk (toasted corriander seed powder)
  • 5 gr jahe cincang (finely chopped ginger)
  • 3 sereh, ambil bagian putih, cincang (finely chopped lemongrass, take the soft white inner part only)
  • 1 cup hati babi matang cincang
  • 1 cup daun singkong rebus cincang
  • 24 jam dan bersihkan dibawah air mengalir
  • 24 hours in the fridge, washed it properly under running water and drain in properly, set aside



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